Welcome to Yekaterinburg!

Yekaterinburg is a crossroad of Europe and Asia.

Yekaterinburg was founded in 1723. It is located in the center of Eurasian continent. Only here you will have possibility to make just one step to move from Europe to Asia.

The International competition

Competition performances and festival concerts will take place in the best concert halls of Yekaterinburg.

The cultural center of the Ural

Only not long ago Yekaterinburg was closed for visiting by foreigners. Nowadays Yekaterinburg which is the city of last Russia tsar and the first Russia president is open for all people of the Earth.


Sizing up and awards:

7. Summing up of the results and awarding

7.1. Competitive performances are evaluated on a 30-point system. According to the amount of acquired points, the international jury will award diplomas of Winner of the gold level, Winner of the silver level, Winner of the bronze level and Participant of the competition.

In the category «S» the international jury will award diplomas of Winner of the 1st prize, Winner of the 2nd prize, Winner of the 3rd prize and Participant of the competition.

7.2. The choir, with the highest number of points in its category will be declared the «Winner of the category».

7.3. Among the winners of the categories the competition will be held for the Grand Prix of the competition EURASIA cantat. (Choirs of category «S» do not participate in the competition for Grand Prix)

7.4. In accordance with the decision of the jury in each competitive category are given diplomas according to the sum of points:

26,1 – 30 points – winner of the gold level;

23,0 – 26 points – winner of the silver level;

19 – 22,9 points – winner of the bronze level;

Up to 19 points – participant of the competition.

Category «S»

25 -  30 points – winner of the 1st prize

20 – 24,9 points – winner of the 2nd prize

15 – 19,9 points – winner of the 3rd prize

Up to 15 points – participant of the competition

7.5. Depending on results which will be reached by participants of the competition, the jury has the right:

• to award not all the places;

• divide the places between participants;

• to award special diplomas and (or) prizes and gifts for participation in the assemblies;

• to recommend to the participants of the gala-concert of the assemblies;

7.6. Participants may be awarded with diplomas and prizes of partners of assemblies EURASIA cantat;

7.7. Leaders who prepared the winners or prize-winners of the assemblies are awarded with Diplomas for the best choirmaster work;

7.8. Decisions of the jury are final and without appeal.