Welcome to Yekaterinburg!

Yekaterinburg is a crossroad of Europe and Asia.

Yekaterinburg was founded in 1723. It is located in the center of Eurasian continent. Only here you will have possibility to make just one step to move from Europe to Asia.

The International competition

Competition performances and festival concerts will take place in the best concert halls of Yekaterinburg.

The cultural center of the Ural

Only not long ago Yekaterinburg was closed for visiting by foreigners. Nowadays Yekaterinburg which is the city of last Russia tsar and the first Russia president is open for all people of the Earth.

Conditions of competition


IV International choral assemblies "EURASIA CANTAT"

21-25 April 2017 Ekaterinburg

22 April (Saturday)


Concert hall Maleckova

(Pervomayskaya ul., 22)


Ø  Category B2

        Choirs of boys

      (soprano, alto, tenor, bass)


Choir "Vivat" / Izhevsk


Ø  Category A1

        Children's choirs

        (up to 12 years)

 10:15 – 14:00

 Choir "Watercolours" / Ekaterinburg

Choir "Evrika" /Ekaterinburg

Choir "Drops" /Zelenograd

Choir "Radost" / Ekaterinburg

Choir Of "Arabesque" / Ekaterinburg

Choir "Piccantori" / Perm

Choir "Sparks" / Ekaterinburg

Jazz choir /Yekaterinburg

Choir of the choral Department / Nizhnevartovsk

Choir "Mosaic" /Ekaterinburg

Choir "Inspiration" / Ekaterinburg

Choir "Victoria" / Bogdanovich

Choir Sozvuchie / Yekaterinburg

Choir "Melodische" / Novosibirsk

Choir "Elegy" / Ekaterinburg

Choir "Inspiration" / Tyumen

Chorus Slavia / Yekaterinburg


Ø  Category S

         Free category


 Choir "Kamerton" / Ekaterinburg

Choir Sozvuchie / Ivdel


Ø  Category F1

         Folklore a’ cappella

 16:00 – 16:25

 Choir "Inspiration" / Nizhnyaya Tura

Choir Of The Ural Federal University / Yekaterinburg


Ø  Category F2

         Folklore with accompaniment


 Middle school choir music school № 3 / Yekaterinburg

Choir of Russian song "Grapes" / Magnitogorsk

Ensemble "Kasia-Katarzyna" / Polish society of Ekaterinburg

Choir "Ural zorenka" / Berezovsky


Concert hall Men's choral College

(Lenin Avenue, 13)


Ø  Category E1

Vocal ensembles (up to 17 years)


Ensemble "Rosinka" / Ekaterinburg

Ensemble "Rainbow" / Ekaterinburg

Ensemble "Lira" / Ekaterinburg

Ensemble "The Style of DAN" / Ekaterinburg

Ensemble "Your style" / Ekaterinburg

Ensemble "Codesense" ml. / Yekaterinburg

Ensemble "Primavera" / Ekaterinburg

Ensemble "Birds" / Ekaterinburg

Ensemble "Codesense" / Ekaterinburg

Ensemble "Kolibri" / Ekaterinburg

Ensemble "Floral invasion" / Kirovgrad

Ensemble "Rusichi" / Ekaterinburg

Ensemble "Malinki" / Novosibirsk

Ensemble "Cantilena" / Tyumen

Ensemble "Vivat+" / Izhevsk


Ø   Category Н

          Sacred music


 Choir "Harmony" / Ekaterinburg

Choir "The Ladder" / Ekaterinburg

Choir "Turtledove" / Ekaterinburg

Choir "Polyhymnia" / Saint Petersburg


23 April (Sunday)

Concert Hall Maleckova

(Pervomayskaya ul., 22)


Ø  Category A2

Children's choirs (up to 16 years)


 Choir Istok / Novosibirsk

Chorus The Sirius / Yekaterinburg

Choir "Assol" / Irbit

Choir "LEL" / Ekaterinburg

Choir Serenade / Perm

Choir "Juventa" / Ekaterinburg

Choir "Kamerton" / Tyumen

Choir "Harmony" / Ekaterinburg

Choir "Raduga" / Ekaterinburg

Choir "Harmony" / Magnitogorsk

Choir "Cantilena" / Ekaterinburg

Choir "Cantabile" / Chelyabinsk

Choir "Aurora" / Ekaterinburg

Choir of the senior classes / Asbestos

The choir of the Opera and ballet theatre / Yekaterinburg


Ø  Category B1

Boys choirs (soprano, alto)

 14:00 - 14:40

 Choir "Knights" /Ekaterinburg

Choir "Nightingale" / Lysva

Choir "Constellation"/ Ekaterinburg


Ø  Category C2

         Youth choirs up to 21 years (SATB)


 Choir "Ad libitum" / Ekaterinburg

Chorus "Academy" / Nizhniy Tagil

Choir conducting and choral Department of Nizhny Tagil College of arts, Nizhny Tagil

Academic choir of the vocal Department of the musical College named after Gnesins, Moscow


Ø  Category D3

         Mixed choirs


 Choir "Ekspromt" / Kamensk-Uralsky

Student choir of the Ural State medical University / Yekaterinburg

Choir "Polyhymnia" / Saint Petersburg


Ø  Category E

        Chamber choirs

 17:15 – 18:45

 Ensemble Svetlana / Yekaterinburg

Choir SGODNT / Yekaterinburg

The Choir "Rondo" / Ekaterinburg

Female chamber choir / Nizhniy Tagil

Choir "Inspiration" / Zhukovsky

Choir "Floral Rhapsody" / Irbit


Ø  Category E2

        Vocal ensembles (from 17 years)


 Teaching ensemble / Nizhniy Tagil

Ensemble "Elegy" / Kushva